100 Câu bài tập Collocations cơ bản

Tiếng Anh Hay giới thiệu bạn trong series Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh. Bộ tài liệu “100 Câu bài tập Collocations cơ bản” sẽ giúp các bạn đạt điểm cao trong kì thi đại học !

1. Parents and teachers have to try hard to understand the younger ______ .
A. generation              B. people               C. adolescents                 D. teenagers
2. I suppose that there is_____ in a chance that he could win, but I can’t see it happening, myself.
A. thin                         B. meagre               C. slim                            D. short
3. There’s not much ____ of him finding a cheap hotel in such an expensive city.
A. prospect                  B. potential             C. outlook                      D. scope
4. I’m going on a business to ______Istanbul next week.
A. journey                    B. trip                     C. travel                         D. voyage
5. The sea between Dover and Calais was so______ that most of the passengers were seasick.
A. heavy                       B. bumpy                C. gusty                         D. choppy
6. She donated several _____of clothing to charity.
A. items                        B. particles              C. bits                           D. objects
7. Don’t touch that wire! You’ll get an electric _____.
A. surprise                    B. current                C. charge                       D. shock
8. You shouldn’t walk around with ____feet. The floor isn’t very clean.
A. naked                       B. stripped               C. nude                         D. bare
9. It is hard to get____ parts for this car if it goes wrong.
A. spare                       B. extra                     C. additional                  D. emergency
10. I bought this electric drill from a ____-it-yourself shop.
A. do                            B. repair                   C. make                          D. fix
11. This clock _____on two small batteries.
A. goes                         B. works                  C. runs                            D. moves
12. Soldiers often wear _____so you can’t see them easily.
A. a disguise                B. camouflage           C. heavy boots               D. a costume
13. She worked really hard this year so she was given a 5% pay_____ .
A. decrease                  B. increase                C. extra                          D. inflation
14. The new law will____ effect in six months.
A. have                        B. give                      C. take                            D. bring
15. My grandmother’s house is full of valuable______ .
A. antiques                   B. antiquities            C. ancients                     D. antiquarians
16. She couldn’t see herself in the mirror because of the ______rising from the bath.
A. fog                           B. mist                      C. steam                         D. smoke
17. If you do not repay the money we will, as a last ______, take you to court.
A. resort                       B. attempt                 C. act                               D. measure

18. ____ the party conference, the Prime Minister backing for his new policies.
A. had                          B. got                         C. won                             D. held
19. They received a ten-year _____sentence for armed robbery.
A. making                    B. committing            C. doing                          D. practicing
20. The doctor’s announcement has a shocked reaction.
A. led                           B. resulted                   C. made                         D. provoked

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