100 Câu trắc nghiệm Meaning nâng cao

Tiếng Anh Hay giới thiệu bạn trong series Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh. Bộ tài liệu “100 Câu trắc nghiệm Meaning nâng cao” sẽ giúp các bạn đạt điểm cao trong kì thi đại học !

1. I’m sorry to you, but could I make a phone call?
A. trouble                         B. upset                      C. worry                         D. mind
2. The TV announcer apologized for the breakdown and said that planed programs would be ______as soon as possible.
A. returned                        B. resumed                C. repeated                     D. recovered
3. It ______me how she manages to put up with him.
A. shatters                         B. startles                   C. stuns                          D. amazes
4. I hate oranges. I usually get my wife to do it_____ for me since she has long nails.
A. skinning                       B. slicing                    C. peeling                      D. cutting
5. The built onto the back of the house provided valuable extra space.
A. development                B. enlargement           C. growth                       D. extension
6. Believing herself alone in the house, she was _____when she heard someone moving about in the hall.
A. amazed                         B. startled                    C. incredulous               D. annoyed
7. Will you _____the baby for a minute while I make a phone call?
A. mind                             B. control                     C. attend                        D. settle
8. My passport_____ last month, so I will have to get a new one.
A. ended                            B. terminated                C. expired                     D. elapsed
9. The sign “NO TRESPASSING” tells you _____
A. not to photograph                                                B. not to smoke
C. not to enter                                                          D. not to approach
10. When you______ , US a present.
A. come back-bring                                                  B. go back-bring
C. go back-take                                                         D. come back-take
11. Doctors usually have to study for at least 7 years before becoming fully _____.
A. qualified                   B. tested                  C. approved of                    D. examined
12. Fans often ask pop stars for their _______.
A. autograph                  B. ignature              C. handwriting                    D. graphic
13. Olympiakos 0-0 with Real Madrid in the first leg of the semifinal in Athens.
A. drew                          B. equaled                C. equalized                       D. shared
14. Motorists _____of speeding may be banned from driving for a year.
A. convicted                   B. arrested                C. charged                         D. judged
15. The proposed of Micro Industries and SJ Electronic would make the new company the
largest electronics firm in Britain.
A. combination               B. fusion                   C. mixture                         D. merger

16. You can’t enter this camp without_____ from the General.
A. a control                     B. a permit                C. a demand                      D. an allowance
17. My grandparents usually _____about the happy old time when they live in the countryside.
A. recall                          B. memorize              C. reminisce                      D. remember
18. They finally ______the celebration after the sudden pause.
A. consumed                  B. assumed                  C. resumed                       D. presumed
19. Many people consider a high education ______. Without it, they can still be successful.
A. essential                     B. dispensable              C. significant                    D. fundamental
20. The Red Cross all over the world has carried out a lot of ______.
A. responsibilities           B. works                       C. jobs                              D. missions

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