50 câu trắc nghiệm giao tiếp có lời giải chi tiết

Tiếng Anh Hay giới thiệu bạn trong series Bộ trắc nghiệm theo chuyên đề hay thi có lời giải chi tiết. Bộ tài liệu “50 câu trắc nghiệm giao tiếp có lời giải chi tiết” sẽ giúp các bạn học và đạt kết quả cao trong các kì thi !


Question 1: “Would you mind turning off the karaoke music? I’m working!”
A. Yes, I’m working, too.                            B. Not at all. I’ll do it now.
C. Thank you. I’m pleased.                         D. No, I wouldn’t be working.
Question 2: "Turn off all the light before you go sleep, please.”
A. I won’t tell you when I do it.                  B. I’m thinking of selling the house.
C. That’s for sure.                                        D. I’m sorry. I did it last night.
Question 3: “Hello, I’d like to speak to Tom, please.”
A. I’m afraid I don’t know                         B. I’m sorry. I’ll call again later
C. Sorry. Can you take a message?            D. Sure, I’ll put you through
Question 4: “It’s going to storm.”
A. I hope not so                                                 B. I don’t hope either

C. I don’t hope so                                                 D. I hopenot
Question 5: “Can I have a look at that shirt, please?”
A. Sorry, it is out of stock                         B. Which one? This one?
C. It’s much cheaper                                  D. Can I help you?
Question 6: “Thanks for helping me with my tasks, Son”
A. Don’t mention it                                           B. Please, don’t blame yourself
C. No harm done                                                 D. I don’t mean so.
Question 7: “How would you like your drink?”
A. Yes, please. Thanks                         B. With milk, please
C. Thank you very much,                         D. It’s fantastic. Thank you

Question 8: “ Drop me a line when you settle down.”
“Trust me, ____________________.”
A. I will. I’ll keep you in touch                         B. I won’t. I’ll keep you posted
C. I don’t. I’ll keep you in touch                       D. I drop you a line when I settle
Question 9: “Is it okay if I use your keyboard?”
A. Please accept it with my best wishes            B. Sorry, no, I won’t do it
C. I don’t want to use your bike                         D. Sure, go-ahead
Question 10: “In my opinion, listening to music while learning is good.”
A. Sorry, but I’m not in agreement with you                        

B. I’m sorry I couldn’t agree more
C. Me neither

D. I don’t agree. You can say that again


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