50 câu trắc nghiệm Tìm lỗi sai giải chi tiết 2021

Tiếng Anh Hay giới thiệu bạn trong series Bộ trắc nghiệm chuyên đề chắc chắn thi năm 2021 giải chi tiết nhất. Bộ tài liệu “50 câu trắc nghiệm Tìm lỗi sai giải chi tiết 2021” sẽ giúp các bạn học và thi tốt !


Question 1. A good health is including physically health and mental health.

  1. A. good B. including C. physically               D. mental

Question 2. It is argued that Facebook also has its own psychology costs that are bad for the human being’s mental health.

  1. A. is argued B. psychology C. for                          D. health

Question 3. Digital marketing has created great penetration for the e-commerce industries.

  1. A. digital marketing B. great C. the                          D. industries

Question 4. With the origination of the key of marketing concepts, the focus at business shifted from hard sales to identify what the customer needs.

  1. A. origination B. focus at C. sales to                    D. needs

Question 5. In fact, friends, families, colleagues and partners nowadays are not longer happy and excited in engaging a face-to-face conversation.

  1. A. are B. not                          C. in                            D. face-to-face

Question 6. If they had needed any help with the work, they would have called ours immediately.

  1. A. had needed B. any      C. with                        D. ours

Question 7. Earthquakes are others common natural disaster on the list that can cause many fatalities.

  1. A. are B. others                      C. on                          D. cause

Question 8. Wildfires take place in many different countries all over the world, particularly during the summertime, and can caused by a range of different reasons.

  1. A. take place B. particularly             C. caused                   D. a

Question 9.Household chores should share among members of the family.

  1. A. Household B. should share C. members                D. the family

Question 10.Reading books has been always my hobby since I was very young.

  1. A. reading B. has been always C. since                       D. very young

Question 11. He said that he would prefer dating a girl with good communication skills because she was easier to get along.

  1. A. would B. dating                     C. communication skills         D. get along

Question 12. With his important contributions, Tom considered one of the greatest member all time.

  1. A. with B. important C. considered              D. greatest

Question 13. Tim’s neighbours like him since he is friendly, honest and kindness.

  1. A. like B. since                       C. is                             D. kindness

Question 14. Mai enjoy taking part in social activities during her student life.

  1. A. enjoy B. in                           C. activities                D. his

Question 15. On the next morning he got out and walked down to the river to go fishing .

  1. A. on B. walked down          C. to                            D. to go fishing

Question 16. The United Nations has organized campaigns for a poor such as free education, building schools for children…

  1. A. has B. campaigns              C. a poor                     D. free education

Question 17. The team is looking for a member who is honest, hard-working and responsibility.

  1. A. is B. for                           C. who                        D. responsibility

Question 18. All the viewer paid the dancer compliments on their excellent performance in the show.

  1. A. All B. paid                         C. their                        D. in

Question 19. Tom and Jerry are one of my son’s favorite cartoons.

  1. A. are B. of C. son’s                       D. cartoons

Question 20. Doing regular yoga can keep you in shape, improve your spiritual, and reducing the risk of cancer.

  1. A. yoga B. in       C. improve                  D. reducing


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