60 câu trắc nghiệm liên từ hay gặp trong đề thi có đáp án

Liên từ có chức năng liên kết các cụm từ, đoạn văn và các câu. Mặc dù rất phổ biến và chiếm số lượng lớn câu hỏi trong đề thi nhưng rất nhiều bạn lại gặp vấn đề với cách dùng chúng. Với 60 câu hỏi bài tập trắc nghiệm sau sẽ giúp bạn phần nào nắm chắc được cách dụng liên từ một cách dễ dàng hơn.

Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.
1. . ______ the coronavirus is spreading rapidly; all the schools will be closed soon.
A. As                          B. Just as           C. Although               D. Because of
2. The girl knew it was her fault______ she didn’t feel sorry at all.
A. although              B. so                           C. but                           D. and
3. ______ his motorbike is ten years old, it was still in good condition.
A. Although              B. Because              C. Though of              D. If
4. ______ Sunny didn’t prepare anything for the exam, she managed to pass the exam.
A. Despite              B. Although of              C. In spite of              D. Though
5. The murder came in _____ turned off all the lights.
A. or                          B. and              C. so                                      D. unless
6. The children couldn’t play outside _____ it was raining heavily.
A. Although              B. because              C. because of              D. so
7. ______ she tried her best to persuade me, she didn’t succeed.
A. Because              B. So                          C. Although              D. However
8. My mother didn’t wake me up _____ I missed the bus.
A. so                          B. since                          C. because            D. as
9. My father really wants to buy that car ____ he doesn’t afford it.
A. though              B. but                          C. so                          D. therefore
10.My sister had a car accident ____ her carelessness.
A. even though              B. because of              C. because              D. since

Exercise 2: Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.
1. Despite ____________, Jame succeed in finishing the work.
A. was seriously ill.              B. be seriously ill C. her serious illness D. she was
seriously ill
2. _______ Ken and Dan are twin, they look so much alike.
A. Although              B. Because              C. Despite              D. Because of
3. His girlfriend seems really nice _______ she is sometimes annoying.
A. despite              B. in spite of              C. though              D. as though
4. _______ of the difficulty, all students managed to pass the exam with flying colors.
A. In spite              B. Despite             C. Because              D. Although
5. _____________, she was fired by her boss.
A. As hard as Diana worked                         B. Despite Diana worked hard
C. Though Diana worked hard                          D. Although hard work
6. The boy was forced to go to school _____________ his illness.
A. despite              B. Despite of              C. In spite                          D. because of
7. Despite _______, everyone knew that she was guilty.
A. denied              B. of denying              C. she denied              D. her denial
8. Despite the fact that _______, they enjoyed their trip.
A. the weather was bad                          B. it is a bad weather
C. the bad weather                                      D. the weather was bad
9. Henry was turned down _______ of his excellent performance.
A. despite             B. in spite              C. because                          D. though
10._____ you got to know her well, you will think she is very friendly.
A. Once                 B. At once             C. Only                          D. Only then


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