80 câu hỏi chuyên đề các thì trong tiếng Anh có đáp án


Question 1. My little cat________ before the doctor came.
a. died       b. had died        c. has died         d. was dying
Question 2. The stuff cleaned up our room as soon as we________
a. had left   b. has left           c. left                d. were leaving
Question 3. The students________ the homework by 8:30 last night.
a. haven’t finished          b. hasn’t finished      c. didn’t finish             d. would finish
Question 4. Kennie’s eyes are so red. I think he________
a. cried       b. has cried         c. has been crying        d. had cried
Question 5. My bed is messy. Somebody________ it up.
a. mess                              b. has messed
c. had been messing         d. has been messing
Question 6. He think he________ the competition tomorrow.
a. wins     b. will win       c. would win           d. is winning
Question 7. If it________ tomorrow, they shall have to cancel their trip.
a. snows   b. will snow     c. is going to snowing        d. is snowing
Question 8. She promises she’ll come and say goodbye before her boyfriend ________ for French.
a. leaves        b. will leave             c. has left                d. shall leave
Question 9. The poor little boy asked his mother what________ to his father.
a. has happened              b. happened             c. had happened
d. would have been happened
Question 10. Jame________ newspaper when her daughter saw her.
a. is reading            b. read                c. was reading               d. reading
Question 11. Juliet promised she________ come back later.
a. will                     b. would             c. can                  d. would be
Question 12. Kai________ the window.
a. has just opened     b. open             c. will have opened         d. opening
Question 13. She has been waiting for him________
a. since early morning      b. since 10 p.m      c. for three hours       d. all are correct
Question 14. His mom________ for him since last night.
a. is looking           b. was looking            c. has been looking            d. looked
Question 15. My dad………….very pissed off when he knows the truth.
a. shall be           b. has been              c. will have been                d. will be
Question 16. The bus________ two hours ago.
a. has been leaving            b. left                     c. has left                    d. had left
Question 17. I________ about Derek for months.
a. don’t hear                    b. haven’t heard          c. didn’t hear           d. hadn’t heard
Question 18. He thinks the weather……………rain later.
a. will be                    b. be                          c. had                      d. has been
Question 19. The children are tired now. They________ for a long time.
a. has been studying     b. has studied            c. studies             d. studied
Question 20. He will have come home from work before she________ to see him.
a. came                       b. comes                     c. will come         d. is coming


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