Bộ trắc nghiệm Collocation 2021 hay nhất

Collocation là những cụm từ thường đi với nhau và được sử dụng thường xuyên trong tiếng Anh. Ngoài ra, đây là dạng câu hỏi rất phổ biến xuất hiện trong mọi đề thi các năm và các đề thi thử năm nay. Để chinh phục được dạng bài này phụ thuộc rất nhiều vào vốn từ vựng của bạn. Hãy bắt tay làm bộ câu hỏi trắc nghiệm sau nhé!

Question 1. Her business _______ bankrupt because of her incompetence.
A. came             B. took              C. went              D. paid
Question 2. The manager is usually keen to have ________ with anybody whom he could take advantage of.
A. contact              B.association              C.connection             D.communicatio
Question 3. The physics teacher told us that we can find resistance wire in an electrical_________ such as a heater or an oven.
A. device              B. appliance              C. utensil                          D. gadget
Question 4. Entering the class two hours late, the student tried to _________ an excuse, still the strict teacher told her to leave the class.
A. make              B. do                          C. give                          D. have
Question 5. Last night, I saw Elena kicked her boyfriend out of the house, they must have had a ________ row.
A. freezing              B. warming              C. grieving              D. blazing
Question 6 . You should put on more clothes, there’s a _____ breeze blowing outside.
A. chilly                  B. frosty              C. Frigid                          D.glacial
Question 7. I hope those heavy rains can ease the water _________ resulted from the severe prolonged drought.
A. shortage              B. lack                   C. absence              D. deprivation
Question 8. In private school students may have more chances to reach their full learning potential because they often receive more ________ attention from the teachers.

A. personal              B. individual              C. distinctive              D. unique
Question 9. My manufacturer is famous for selecting only ingredients that meet our very strict _______ for quality and renewability.
A. demands              B. necessities              C. criterions              D. requirements
Question 10. Although e-books and online reading materials are developing rapidly, printed books are still regarded as a wonderful _______ of information.
A. resource              B. place                           C. source              D. replacement
Question 11. Jack has gone on a fishing_____ with his brother for three hours.
A.trip                          B.journey                          C.trek              D.hike
Question 12. There was a time when human beings worried that all of the earth’s surface would be__________ covered with lava were a giant meteor to hit the planet.
A. thickly                   B. fully                          C. densely              D. totally
Question 13. As estimated in the report, the Covid 19 has _______ great damage to not only Vietnam but the rest of the World as well.
A. made                          B. caused              C. led                          D. brought
Question 14. My partner and I failed to agree _______ some points while discussing, so we decided to abandon the project.
A. with                          B. at                          C. on                          D. for
Question 15. Regardless of our background, Linda and Henry always think of each other _______ true friends.
A. as                          B. like                          C. same                          D. similar
Question 16. . This car is very old and it’s in bad__________.
A. condition              B. state                          C. damage               D. situation
Question 17. My mother would _______ that my father didn’t come home so late.
A. advise              B. like                          C. ask                          D. rather
Question 18. It was John's bad behaviour at the interview that prevented him _______ getting the job.
A. for                          B. on                          C. from                          D. off
Question 19. This is the photo of my family. Can you make an _____ for me?
A.increase              B. expansion              C. Extension                D.enlargement

Question 20. If the play had been cautiously prepared, it could not have ________ most of the audience to tears.
A. moved              B. given                          C. brought                  D. travelled


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