Đề thi học kì 1 tiếng Anh lớp 10 có đáp án


1. Last Sunday, our volunteer team ____ a lot of food packages to homeless people in the flood-hit region.
A. were bringing B. brought C. have brought D. had brought
2. I ____ Maria for the first time at the Heart-to-Heart Charity Office.
A. saw B. was seeing C. was seen D. has seen
3. When we were on a voluntary tour, we ____ to public places to collect rubbish every day.
A. were going B. went C. have gone D. had gone
4. I ____ near the fence when suddenly I ____ the voices.
A. stood – heard B. stood – was hearing
C. was standing – heard D. was standing – was hearing golf.
5. Jim ____ his leg when he ____ golf.
A. broke – was playing B. broke – played
C. was breaking – was playing D. was breaking – broke
6. While I ____ for him to call up, he ____ a good time in the bar.
A. waited – was having B. was waiting – was having
C. was waiting – had D. was waited – was waiting
7. All the kids ____ their homework when the volunteer team ____.
A. were doing – arrived B. did – arrived
C. were doing — were arriving D. did – were arriving
8. While Lauda ____ round a corner, he suddenly ____ control of his Ferrari.
A. went – lost B. was going – was losing
C. was going – lost D. went – was losing
9. While the Cambridge boat ____ under a bridge, it ____ another boat.
A. went – was hitting B. went – hit
C. was going – was hitting D. was going – hit
10. My cousin and I ____ on the computer when there ____ a power cut.
A. played – was B. were playing – was
C. played – were D. were playing – were
11. When I ____ my best friend, she ____ as a voluntary teacher in Dream Homeless Shelter.
A. met – was working B. was meeting – was working
C. met – worked D. was meeting – worked
12. Where ____ you ____ when I ____ you on the bus last night?
A. did – go – saw B. were – going – was seeing
C. were – going – saw D. did – go – was seeing
13. When you ____ yesterday, I ____ in the garden, so I didn’t hear the phone.
A. rang – worked B. were ringing – worked
C. were ringing – was working D. rang – was working
14. While Tom and I ____, someone ____ at the door.
A. were talking – knocked B. were talking – was knocking
C. talked – knocked D. talked – was knocking
15. When the robbery ____, the safeguard ____!
A. happened – slept B. was happening ~ was sleeping
C. was happening – slept D. happened – was sleeping


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