Đề thi học kì 1 tiếng Anh lớp 12 hay nhất

Question 1. Ben ________ for his wallet, but he ________ it yet.
A. has looked/ hasn’t found                   B. has looked/ hasn’t been finding
C. has been looking/ hasn’t found         D. has been looking/ hasn’t been finding
Question 2. Mike _______ painting his car yet. He ________ on it for two weeks.
A. hasn’t finished/ has worked              B. hasn’t finisheed/ has been working
C. hasn’t been finishing/ has worked     D. hasn’t been finishing/ has been working
Question 3. He ________ television for the last two hours, so he ________ his homework.
A. has watched/ hasn’t finished              B. has watched/ hasn’t been finishing
C. has been watching/ hasn’t finished    D. has been watching/ hasn’t been finishing
Question 4._____ off the lights before you _____ out?
A. Did you turn/ went                            B. Had you turned, went
C. Did you turn/ had gone                      D. Had you turned, had gone
Question 5. She _____ her car keys, so she _____ a taxi to the party.
A. lost/ took                                           B. had lost/ had taken
C. lost/ had taken                                   D. had lost/ took

Question 6. I couldn’t speak to them because when I _____ they _____ out already.
A. had phoned/ went B. phoned/ had gone
C. had phoned/ were going D. phoned/ were going
Question 7. Before we _____ out, we _____ on our new shoes.
A. went/ had put B. will go / put
C. go/ have put D. would go/ put
Question 8. Jack _____ his room messy. I can’t stand him any longer. I _____ him to tidy it now.
A. always keeps/ asked B. is always keeping/ am going to ask
C. always kept/ had asked D. is always keeping/ will ask
Question 9. He said that he _____ me, but he _____ yet.
A. had visited/ hasn’t come B. would visit/ hasn’t come
C. had visited/ didn’t come D. will visit/ hasn’t come
Question 10. When I rang up Tom, he _____ my book for 3 hours, and said he _____ it to me soon.
A. had been reading/ would return B. has read/ will return
C. has been reading/ returned D. would read/ had returned
Question 11. When he _____ at the airport, he was very worried that no one _____ for him.
A. arrives/ is waiting B. arrived/ is waiting
C. will arrive/ would wait D. arrived/ was waiting
Question 12. My plane _____ at five p.m. on Monday. I don’t need to call a taxi, my friend _____ to the
A. has left/ was taking B. will leave/ will take
C. leaves/ is going to take D. would leave/ is taking
Question 13. As soon as I _____ the voice, I _____ that I _____the man before.
A. heard/ realized/ meet B. heard/ realized/ had met
C. hear/ has realized/ met D. will hear/ realize/ met


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