Tiếng Anh 12: Review 2 Unit 4-5

Từ vựng
Task 1. Use the correct form of the words or phrases in the box to complete the
(Sử dụng các hình thức đúng của từ hoặc cụm từ trong khung để hoàn thành câu.)
Digital device     social networking     blog    mass media    instant messanging     advent
1. He uses his ________ to write about his passion for science.
2. In general, _________ sites are good for our society because they help to connect people.
3. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers are all________
4. People rely on the _______ such as television, radio, newspapers and the Internet as the main source of information.
5. _________allows people to communicate in real-time with friends and family directly from their smartphones or computers.

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