Tiếng Anh 12: Review 3 Unit 6-7-8

Từ Vựng
EX1 :Choose the words from the completed table in to complete these sentences. Make
changes to the word forms where necessary.
(Chọn các từ trong bảng đã hoàn thành để
hoàn thành các câu. Thay đổi hình thức từ những chỗ cần thiết.)


1. Many people think the money spent on protecting__________species should be used for improving the lives of the local people.
2. Animals classified as CR on the conservation status scale are in danger of__________ .
3. Old people and children are particularly__________ to lung diseases in the cold weather.
4. Elephants are usually ___________ for their tusks, while rhinos are killed for their horns.
5. This river used to have the greatest__________ of freshwater fish in the country, but now very few species are found here.
6. The new__________ theory has combined Darwin’s theory of natural selection with genetic factors to explain how__________occurs.

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